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'Self' Hi there, my name is Jonathan Coignard. I am currently a PhD student working at Université Grenoble Alpes and Lancey Energy Storage. You can download my CV here in French, and here in English.



' 'Here is a link to my Google Scholar profile.

- 2022 -

Are more solar panels always better?, Jonathan Coignard, Hodencq Sacha, Nana Kofi Twum-Duah, Rémy Rigo-Mariani; TATuP, Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice (in press).

Planification des réseaux électriques de distribution, (Book) Alvarez-Hérault M, Gouin V, Chardin-Segui T, Malot A, Coignard J, Raison B, Coulet J, ISTE editions, Collection Énergie, ISBN 9781784058241, 2022.

Including Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Behavioural Responses for PV Self-Sufficient Optimal Design, Hodencq Sacha, Jonathan Coignard, Nana Kofi Twum-Duah, and Lucas Hajiro Neves Mosquini; COMPEL, The international journal for computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering, 2022.

- 2021 -

Evaluating Forecasting Methods in the Context of Local Energy Communities, Jonathan Coignard, Maxime Janvier, Vincent Debusschere, Gilles Moreau, Stéphanie Chollet, and Raphaël Caire; International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 2021.

- 2020 -

Distributed Resource Coordination in the Context of European Energy Communities, Jonathan Coignard, Vincent Debusschere, Gilles Moreau, Stéphanie Chollet, and Raphaël Caire; PES GM 2020.

- 2019 -

Will Electric Vehicles Drive Distribution Grid Upgrades? The Case of California, Jonathan Coignard, Pamela MacDougall, Franz Stadtmueller, and Evangelos Vrettos; IEEE Electrification Magazine.

- 2018 -

CyDER – an FMI-based co-simulation platform for distributed energy resources, Thierry S. Nouidui, Jonathan Coignard, Christoph Gehbauer, Michael Wetter, Jhi-Young Joo & Evangelos Vrettos, Journal of Building Performance Simulation.

Co-simulation Framework for Blockchain Based Market Designs and Grid Simulations, Jonathan Coignard, Eric Munsing, Jason MacDonald, and Jonathan Mather; PES GM 2018.

Projected Electric Vehicle Hourly Loads for the 2017 California Energy Demand Forecast, Jonathan Coignard, Samveg Saxena, Don Scoffield, Mindy Gerdes, and John Smart; California Energy Commission consultant report.

CyDER - A Co-Simulation Platform for Grid Analysis and Planning for High Penetration of Distributed Energy Resources, Jonathan Coignard, Thierry Nouidui, Christoph Gehbauer, Michael Wetter, Jhi-Young Joo, Philip Top, Rafael Rivera Soto, Brian Kelley, Emma Stewart; PES GM 2018.

- 2017 -

Clean Vehicles as an Enabler for a Clean Electricity Grid, Jonathan Coignard, Samveg Saxena, Jeffery Greenblatt, Dai Wang, Environmental Research Letters.

- 2016 -

Quantifying electric vehicle battery degradation from driving vs. vehicle-to-grid services, Dai Wang, Jonathan Coignard, Teng Zeng, Cong Zhang, Samveg Saxena, Journal of Power Sources, 2016.

Quantifying electric vehicle battery degradation from driving vs. V2G services, Dai Wang, S. Saxena, Jonathan Coignard, E. A. Iosifidou and Xiaohong Guan, 2016 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM).

- 2015 -

EMACOP project: characterising the wave energy resources of hot spots in Brittany for on-shore WEC, Bertrand Michard et al, The European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (2015 EWTEC).

EMACOP project: Digital modeling of the waves toward Esquibien’s dam using SWASH, Jonathan Coignard, Bertrand Michard, Jean-François Filipot, Philippe Sergent, available in the online journal Paralia.

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